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無料体験@札幌 お問い合わせは TEL:050-3476-8526

About Taikiken and free trial

Taikiken in Sapporo 

Why don’t you join us to train traditional kung-fu Taikiken ?
You can practice “ki” based martial arts from an instructor who speaks English.
You will find what is “ki” or “qi” which is one of the most significant background of Japanese and Chinese culture.
Also you will find how to develop “ki” and how to use it in real life.
inquiry form: feel free to write in English
You can try one class in Kotoni for free of charge.
about Taikiken: please check Mr.Ron Nansink’s site. http://www.taikiken.org/index.html

Lesson schedule

  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Saturday

※On Saturdays, we train at Maruyama park on Spring and Summer.


Cafe Amica Kyoei-Bldg.4th floor,1-10,2jyo-3chome,Kotoni,Nishi-ku,Sapporo,Hokkaido (2 minutes from Kotoni station of subway Tozai line, 8 minutes from JR Kotoni) FAX:011-643-9196 http://2002amica.com/default.aspx   Taikiken Kiko-kai Matsui dojo TEL : 050-3476-8526

What you practice

as a martial arts
as a martial artsself defense, how to stable feelings in a critical situation
as a qigong
as a qigongqigong and release your mind, and know who you are develop health condition and release your mind

Tuition etc.

  • Initial fee


  • 1 lesson per month4,000yen/month
  • 4 lessons per month7,000yen/month
  •  additional class 2,500yen
  • no limit10,000yen/month

Free trial lesson

Taikiken free trial 
Taikiken free trial at Kotoni,Sapporo

Free trial for Taikiken Experience what is Taikiken and qigong. You can have a lesson from a instructor who speaks English.

You will find how to control your emotion, how to generate power and speed by “Ki”.
inquiry form: feel free to write in English