Taikiken Testimonial

March 1st, 2024

While living in Sapporo for a year I was looking for some training in internal martial arts which is pretty hard to find in Japan.

I was fortunate to discover Taikiken taught by Matsui Ojiro, or OJ-san. Taikiken is a Japanese art that is derived from Chinese king fu origins in Yi Chuan, which in turn developed from Xing Yi Chuan. I had learned internal kung fu years ago, both Tai Chi and Xing Yi so I was well able to judge this Taikiken was genuine internal training.

The classes are very relaxed and informal, there is no uniform or grading or kata. This approach to learning suits me because I don’t believe in uniforms or over emphasis on forms. I prefer to learn the core principles of internal kung fu with an applied approach. OJ-san speaks fluent English which makes training easy to understand and follow.

Balance is the key to internal martial arts and OJ-san has a clear method and techniques for showing you how to build your core balance very quickly. You will find how to properly adjust your balance and movement with this style of training. I have built an awesome foundation in Taikiken and will continue to develop what I have learned.

It is a very accessible class with great people and well worth trying out as a new comer or expanding your horizons.

by Rory McKenzie

Rory and OJ while walking 100km